Food Handling Certificate

Candidates that are required to have a food handling certificate can enroll in a course with one of our training providers throughout Canada. Our training partners offer the lowest prices with the highest quality. All courses meet provincial standards and candidates receive certification immediately upon successful completion of the course. Candidates will learn proper techniques in storing, handling, preparing and receiving foods. Candidates will also learn proper health and hygiene and methods and techniques for sanitizing. To register for a course select your location from the side menu or main menu.

Course Cost:

The cost of a food safety or food handling certification course varies depending on your province and level of certification. The course cost ranges from 55 to 80 dollars for the basic courses and 110 to 125 dollars for the more advanced and two day courses. All course fee’s include taxes, manual and certification fee’s. All of our training providers show flat rates with no hidden fee’s.


No prerequisites are required to attend a food safety or food handling course.

Course Length:

The length of a basic food handling or food safety course is 8 hours. More advanced courses range in length from 10 hours to 16 hours. Course are typically completed within one or two days.

Course Content:

Candidates will learn about safe methods in preparing, receiving, serving and storing foods. Candidates will also learn about maintaining proper health and hygiene and techniques and methods of sanitation of the facility, utensils and dish ware.


To register for a food handling or food safety course select your location from the side or main menu. After you have selected your location you will be re-directed to our training providers. Select the date, time and specific location that works best for you and complete the registration form. Our training partners provide convenient and secure on-line registration and payment systems. Register early because space is limited.


Candidates that successfully complete the course will receive a food safety, FoodSafe or food handling certificate that meets provincial standards and is valid throughout the province. This certification does not expire, however, candidates may be required to re-certify based on health regulation, health inspector or employer guidelines. No re-certification courses are available for food safety or food handling and candidates must re-take the full course to renew certification.

Other Languages:

Our training providers offer certification courses in several different languages. Reading material and tests can also be taken and issued in several different languages. Contact our training partners to find out what languages they offer the course in.

Private Courses:

Our training partners proudly offer private food safety and food handling certification courses for you or your business. To book or schedule a private course visit our training partners websites by selecting your location from the side or main menu.