Food Safety Certification in Nanaimo

Food Safety Certification in Nanaimo

Food Safety Certification in Nanaimo is one of the most important issues tackled by health authorities in Nanaimo, British Columbia. The BC Center for Disease Control (BCCDC) manages the provincial delivery of the FOODSAFE training program, created by Ministry of Advanced Education and Labour Market Development. The FOODSAFE program is available all over Nanaimo, primarily in two levels plus a refresher course.

Because the burden and extent of foodborne illnesses is still unknown, prevention is the key focus of the FOODSAFE program. The first level is arguably the most important part of training, because it is meant for first-level food service workers – the members of the staff that directly handle food.  the second level of training can only be taken after the first level is completed, and is targeted towards administrative staff of food establishments.


  1. FOODSAFE level 1 – This course is made for food service workers responsible for storing, preparing, and sanitizing in the food process. Traditionally, it is offered in an eight-hour classroom program but is not available online and by correspondence (the same goes for level 2 training). The online and correspondence course offers students more flexibility in terms of managing their education.
  2. FOODSAFE level 2 – This course is made for administrative staff tasked with management of the food establishments. The curriculum involves the culture of food safety and how to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses in the establishment. Planning is a big part of the second level of training.

Refresher courses are the third kind of FOODSAFE training we offer in our Nanaimo provider. It runs for three-hours and is targeted towards service workers who want to update their knowledge and skills on food safety. The course is also meant for workers whose FOODSAFE credentials are about to or are expired.

How often do I have to renew by FOODSAFE credential?

Certification on food safety is valid for five years after it is first issued. It can be renewed by enrolling in a refresher course and taking the exam after. In order for your credential to be reissued (valid for another five years), you have to get a grade of 80 percent or higher on the exam.

Is FOODSAFE training mandatory?

Getting trained in food safety is not mandatory for all food service workers but is highly encouraged. However, according to the Food Premises Regulation (a Public Health Act) at least one worker per shift in a food establishment has to have FOODSAFE training. This means you might be chosen by your employer to get FOODSAFE training.

Usually, employers pay the training fees if they require only select members of the staff to get trained, but if all members need FOODSAFE training, they usually don’t cover the costs of the program. Listed below are the training fees for FOODSAFE:

  • FOODSAFE level 1 – $110
  • FOODSAFE level 2 – $165
  • FOODSAFE by correspondence – $85 (plus $25 for a 2-month extension

If you need to train in food safety ad get certified for it, enroll in a program at our provider in Nanaimo today. We offer the best courses for the most affordable rates.

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