Food Safety Certification in Kelowna

Food Safety Certification in Kelowna is very strict in British Columbia. The BC Center for Disease Control (BCCDC) is responsible for making sure that FOODSAFE training programs are standardized and made accessible in the province. There are two levels for food safety certification and training, each catering to a specific group of students. Our training provider in Kelowna offers the most affordable training courses in the city, without compromising on quality.

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What is so important about Food Safety Certification in Kelowna?

Foodborne diseases are some of the most common cases in health care, usually caused by the ingestion of unsafe food. Gastrointestinal diseases are likewise easy to transmit in the absence of proper infection control. This is why food establishments are required by law to have a certain number of employees trained in FOODSAFE.

According to the public health act for Food Premises Regulation, not all employees are required to be trained in food safety. However, the act requires at least one employee on shift to have FOODSAFE training. Ideally, first-line service workers are trained in food safety, but administrative staff can also get trained (both levels 1 and 2). If the trained worker is not available, a replacement or an administrative staff who is should be on duty during that shift.

Available courses of Food Safety Certification in Kelowna

FOODSAFE level 1 (cost: $110) is eight hours long, available in classroom, online, and correspondence set-ups. The target group of students are food service workers who directly handle food, known as first-line service workers. The topics discussed in first level training are are food preparation, storage, service, and sanitation. Work safety is also a part of basic FOODSAFE training.

FOODSAFE level 2 (cost: $165) is twelve hours long, available in the same set-ups as first level training. In order to enroll for this class, students are required to complete level 1 training first. The target group of students for this program are administrative staff of food establishments. Because the target group is administration, this level of training focuses more in management and the overall safety and sanitation of the establishment.

Refresher classes are update classes for workers who have credentials that are almost expired or simply want to update their skills and knowledge. Refreshers are three hours long.

Training by correspondence

Correspondence training (cost: $85) is available for all our FOODSAFE courses. This kind of training allows students to attend classes and submit requirements at their own pace, as long as the course is finished in 6 months. Trainees can request an extension of two months (cost: $25). Students who cannot leave home can opt to take online training, where all interactions happen online, through e-mail or our website.

Certificate validity

FOODSAFE certificates are valid for five years. When they approach expiry or are expired, workers have to take a refresher course to renew them. An exam is is given at the end of the class, which the trainee has to pass with a score of at least 80 percent to receive a new certificate.